Do you have a website or blog ? if yes then here is an important post for you.

Many of us cannot able to generate high website traffic even after writing new and fresh content , this problem occurs due to several reasons such as incomplete knowledge of seo , keyword stuffing and many others ,but today we are going to reveal a simple trick through which you can able to increase website traffic with the help of uc news. You have to invest almost 5-10 minutes for submitting your blog into uc news

what are the advantages of submitting blog posts in uc news

As we know uc browser is an initiative of , thus it provides a service of UC news through which different blog post are shared between lakhs of users and it helps to get traffic to your website.

UC news have across 10 million users in india , thus you can able to generate high website traffic
Due to high privacy you cannot get any bad effect on your google adsense account
It generally helps to promote your blog or website without any investment
No bad effect on CPC ( cost per click ) and CTR ( click through rate)


•first you have to submit your website on ucweb by going to
•click on “signup “option

step 2 :

• Now you have to submit your email address
• Enter your desired password
• Re-enter your password
• Enter invitation code( optional field)
• Now for completing verification process enter captcha
• Then accept terms and condition
• Once you filled all the details click on ” continue“

step 3:

•now next step is to confirm your gmail account .
•click on ” check email“
•now your gmail account is opened in new tab
•click on verification link to verify your account.

step 4:

•Once your verification is complete , you have to submit your account type
•Here are two options “personal” and “organization“
•You have to choose any 1 option from the above 2 according to your preference.

step 5 :

•submit account information details
•Upload your photo
•Fill your account name
•Choose your category
•fill your account operator name

•Now you have to enter pan card number( mandatory field)
•choose your country code
•Enter your mobile number
•Now submit your website or rss feed url
•Optional field (enter your service tax number)
•Once you completed all the steps finally click on continue

step 6:

•After process completion you will see a message ” your account is under review and we will inform you when your account is processed “
•Now you have to wait for 1-2 days for review process
•Once your review is complete , your website or blog post is automatically submitted to UC news
•You have to write description of your website in about 150 words
•Now the whole process is complete and you get millions visitor for your website, this process helps you to increase website traffic and also helps to get targeted audience for your website.

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