Blogger always redirects blogger blogs to a specific country domain. For example, if you have a blog URL like and your reader is viewing this blog from India, then your blog address will redirect to Such redirection is known as 302 redirections or also called as country-code Top Level Domain”.By this google can block a blog in one country from being displayed and blog will be visible for other nations.

Examples Of Some Countries And Redirections
1.Argentina []
2.Australia []
3.Brazil []
4.Canada []
5.Czech Republic []
6.France []
7.Germany []
8.Hong Kong []
9.India []
10.Italy []
11.Japan []
12.Mexico []
13.New Zealand []
14.Nigeria []
15.Portugal []
16.Romania []
17.Spain []
18.Sweden []
19.UK []

How and Why the Blog name is always Redirecting to country based domain

By default, Google set the master code into the Blog server to redirect Blogger address into country based domain name like(, Etc). For example: If you create a new Blog with the name like after some time you opened that blog and it will automatically redirect to the Country based Domain name.

How to prevent the Redirections
Is there any solution to this issue??? The answer to this question is yes and you can do this by using the code we found out and it is working.

Why you need to stop country redirections in blogger
You need to stop such domain redirection in blogger because it gives serious effects like this.

Problem in comment system
Alexa ranking will be different for the different country.
Social media sharing likes will reduce.

Stop Country Redirections in blogger now

Step:1 Visit Your blogger dashboard
Step:2 Now open >> Theme >> Edit Html. Always back-up
Step:3 Search for the  </head>.  Use Ctrl + F
Step:4 Copy the code below and paste just after the </head>

<script type=’text/javascript’> var str= window.location.href.toString(); if ((str.indexOf(‘.com/’))==’-1′) { var str1=str.substring(str.lastIndexOf(“.blogspot.”)); if (str1.indexOf(‘/’)==’-1′) { var str2=str1; } else { var str2=str1.substring(0,str1.indexOf(‘/’)+1); } window.location.href =window.location.href.toString().replace(str2,’’); } </script>

Step:5 Click save and you are done. Tell your friends in other countries to check your blog and tell you whether it redirected to their own country’s specific domain. You’ll see your blog will always be on your

Things to know
This code is 100% SEO friendly.
It is Google friendly too.


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