The Page-Level ad formats are optimized to only appear when they’ll perform well on your website/blogs and seems to provide a good user experience.

It consists of two ad format; one is the Anchor/Overlay ad, that stays at the edge of the device screen and can be easily dismissed and the other one is the vignette ads, which is a full-screen ad between the page loads and can be dismissed with a tap.

Setting up these ads are quite easy and can be previewed by adding “#googleads” in the website/blog URL. However, I got this error “Page-Level ad format disable in Adsense Front End when the website was loaded with “#googleads” (for e.g

But it was resolved which made both the anchor and vignette ads to display immediately. How was that possible?

Follow the steps below:
• Check if you have enabled the new Page-Level ad formats.

• Confirm that the anchor and vignette ad formats are enabled. If not, then turn them on. How to know they are on? A blue colour will do the sign for you. Make sure the button you switched on is blue.

• Save and Enter your site url in another tab, ending it with “#googleads”

If error still continues, clear your browser cache and try again. Sometimes it takes about 2 to 5 minutes to propagate.

Note: Before page leveled ads will work for you, make sure the adsense code/script given to you upon application is still at the <head> tag of your site. If not, get the code again.


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