WpFastest is an Indonesian Web hosting company established by the JWNET Media Data Indonesia.

WpFastest provides rich web hosting packages covered with the best customer care services and support. They also assist you with any questions you have, help you with solving any WordPress issues you experience.

Currently, WpFastest is giving out free ssd hosting for 2 years to anyone wishing to create a wordpress site or any.
You might wonder or ask what a SSD hosting is.
SSD HOSTING (Solid State Drive) is a much faster and speedious host but is very expensive per GB. Solid State Drives are built to provide read/write(fast) commands instantly.

Now you’ve known what SSD hosting means, isn’t it a great thing that WpFastest is offering and telling you to host you wordpress site on their SSD hosting for 2 years validity and for free ?

The image below will speak for itself about the free 2years SSD hosting and other services coming along with it

As a summary
1. Yes it is free for two years
2. Has full features like other web hosting company
3. Also 500Mb ssd disk
4. Only 1 domain is allowed
5. A speedious web server
6. Cloudlinux os
7. Protection is assured and
8. PHP selector too

Ok, so what are things or terms and conditions you need to observe before getting this free 2years SSD hosting ?

Make sure you are using a Top Leveled Domain active. Free hosting package needs manual activation. Open tickets to request for activation. All order made by you without confirmation are deleted after 2days immediately.




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