If you’re using AdSense on your site/blog, getting your site disabled by Google is probably one of your biggest fears!

Google is very serious about those that try to “fool” the system and if you are on their bad list, you won’t last long friend! When someone tries to “fool” the system with dodgy ad layouts or questionable traffic it won’t be long until you’ll be banned.
The following tips will help you not to get your adsense disabled…

1. Accidental Clicks/Self clicking– This is the main reason that many accounts get banned. Google’s automated system can detect when accidental clicking/self clicking occurs and you don’t want this to happen! To prevent accidental clicks mainly,don’t put text prompts to click the your ad.

2. Invalid/fake traffic – Paying for traffic or engaging in click exchange to get clicks is also one of the fastest ways to get you banned. Google is always on the lookout for these groups on Facebook and other social media. You’ll be their next target if you participate in invalid ways of obtaining traffic and clicks on your ads. Paying to boost your posts on social media via paid advertising can bring quality traffic on your site and is OK to use, but be of good caution. If you notice unusually high CTR on your site, it could be a sign your users are accidentally clicking on your ads, you don’t want this!

3. Copyrighted Materials – If your site promotes or encourages copyright infringement, you should stop this immediately. This can get you banned immediately if Google finds this out and they’re always reviewing sites to ensure content is original using crawlers.

4. Content that displeases Google AdSense – What you post on your site matters. If you post questionable content on your blog or site, don’t use AdSense at all. Examples of such content can be seen below:

•Porn or Adult material
•Violent content
•Racial content
•Pages selling Drugs, Alcohol (Beer or hard alcohol)
•Pages selling Weapons and ammunition
•Distribution of course work. Eg: Student Essays
•Pages that host any hacked content or stolen content

In conclusion, AdSense is always very strict on their policies, however their platform is the best currently. We’ve personally tested so many alternatives, but AdSense always serves the best ads. But getting banned is always the scariest part of it. So why not work on your site and Google Adsense will work on you ?


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