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Getting blog post ideas seems to be very difficult for some bloggers.

So many had fallen victim to be called “copy and paste bloggers”.
But do you know blog ideas will come to you without stress or encountering problems ?

Now follow these simple tips to on how to get more blog post ideas consistently without stress or finding it difficult

Increase your Power of Observation/Look-out/Awareness

Being a real time observer is important.
You will get to know that once you start observing things around you, blog ideas will flow in like a river.

Before I went into writing this post, I observed alot around me seeing things which needs to be amended and now am putting it in a write up for people to read.

When you observe things, it expands your awareness, you will become very fertile and productive which will make other bloggers to shake their heads at your creativity, and appreciating you

Few bloggers will write and publish 10 guest posts in their blogging career and end immediately which is not encouraging.

I have personally written and published about 110 guest posts on different blogs still emphasizing on Blogging Tips mainly and am still aiming higher to write more.

Why and How did i make such progress ?

I am not talented or gifted, honestly, but am much aware of different blogging problems and simply solve those problems through write-ups intended to be helpful, uplifting and practical in nature.

Feel Compassion For Readers

A goldmine of post ideas sits within a cocoon of compassion.
Yes, you need to Feel compassion for your readers.
Feel compassion for other human kinds.
Once you feel for them, you’ll be moved to write on different topics that they might be looking for at that particular moment.

Don’t fight, debate, mock or flat out people who struggle online because it is not always easy.

No good nor reward comes out of going against someone but good comes out of compassion, loving-kindness, empathy and care.

You can appear to be a productive blogger only when you develop a strong sense of compassion for your readers, by explaining their problems, by feeling their pain and by offering a relieving solution to their problems.

Yes be compassionate.

Fire It Up!

No need to be highly confrontational, be willing and ready to speak your mind when writing your post.

A fabulous blog post idea written from a careful thought through solves issues and problems easily.

You can search online to know what many bloggers face or do suffer. Look for major problems to tackle. See what your readers suffer from and be willing to help out.

My blogging tips readers always have traffic and blog monetization issues regularly, always struggling to generate an increasing amount via blogs

I always spot the pain points in the aforementioned spots because I have trained myself to see these issues before searching for it.

Always engage yourself in research work.

Commit Fully to Becoming a Productive Blogger.

Looking for blog post ideas is futile if you carry a lilly-livered, weak and sad-sack intent.

Be courageous

Be productive.

Set a goal to publish high volume of quality write-ups (contents) with a specific time

Doing such programs will make you become an idea seeker, because when you are hungry to be prolific you set everything else into motion.

Do these and become a productive blogger.

Tip: Avoid labelling yourself as a “COPY AND PASTE” blogger because it won’t lead you anywhere and you won’t improve

You can lay your own tips to this list via the comment box?


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