About nairapp

Nairapp is one of the top nigerian ads network with high cpm rate for all campaigns..
Join nairapp

What you should know
It’s free to join and it will take you under one minute to create your Nairapp publisher account.

Add your website
While logged in go to Websites section and then press the Add ”Place” button and get ads code.

Get ads code
Set your backup codes by copy / pasting the ads you are currently displaying on your website.

Publisher: Minimum withdraw amount is 3000Naira via PayPal or wire transfer. Payments are 3rd of every new month.

Advertiser: Minimum deposit amount is 2000naira via PayPal or via wire transfer.commission is 500naira + 1.5% per deposit.
Nairapp is easy to enjoy, just make money with your traffic
Why not join now and monetize your site ?


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