For a couple of years now PayPal has been inactive in Nigeria. Yes, some of you that owns a wallet that can receive payments says ” so what?” but this has been a struggle for many, not only as residents in Nigeria, but even for mere visitors to our land trying to open a Nigerian PayPal for receiving payments online or worldwide

Getting paid through PayPal is very nice because you can link any accepted card to it or bank of your choice provided it is “accepted”

I’m not sure how long this has been inactive (it might have been possible from day one).

Well, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, here’s how to go about opening your PayPal account in Nigeria that will allow you to receive funds and likewise send funds :

1. Go to
2. Click on sign up
3. Select business or personal account
4. Now for other details to enter, you know your local details won’t fit because you are applying for a foreign paypal.
What to do
Go to FAKENAMEGENERATOR and fill in the appropriate details so as to get what you want.
After getting the details you need from fake name generator, use it to fill the PayPal details accordingly and respectively
5. Now agree and set up paypal….

You can decide to link your bank i.e if you have an online us or uk bank such as American bank and so on.
You can also link any of your accepted card so as to receive payments or make payments.
Please note that verve cards are not accepted. You can also link your payoneer master card to it.
Comment below or use the comment form if you need my help to set it up for you

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