A great blog is one with great content, huge followers and a steady flow of traffic for profit. You are lucky if you got all three but it is a fact that a lot of bloggers struggle to achieve these goals.
Blogging can be likened to as science and there are better ways and means to solve your solutions and become better, if not the best blogger.
Just like science becomes easy when you know all formulas involved in solving any problem, so also to Blogging which becomes so easy, really, when you have the formula.

If you are just starting, it pays to limit your expectations.

It’s not that newbies never get a shot, many bloggers succeed early on and you can too but keeping expectations to a minimum could help in getting your bearings aligned and geared up for a one-tough ride.

In blogging, limiting expectations means getting prepared to see a slow and steady improvement and the challenges will take more than how to start a blog. You need to be aware that you always have to do your part, blogging ranges from easy to impossible.

In a way, if you are aware of the lows in blogging (low traffic, low followers) you’ll be able to identify the things needed to be done to solve them. The best way, so far, is by planning a blog well and being creative in content, likewise content mapping.

Create A Nice Content Map For Your Blog

To simply analyze it, content mapping is planning what to post and when to post on your blog. This reduces clutter in your blog because topics are well organized, and, in so many ways, you are guided towards a coherent content so there is no or lesser chance of straying away from your own niche.

How To Accomplish It!

Identifying the Whats and Whys of your blog. Why do you want to blog? why do you blog? Why did you choose your current niche? What’s your inspiration? What and What do you expect from it? These questions when considered will bring out the drive you need to get going and strive to succeed in blogging.

Research. Identifying just what your niche is, is not all enough. You need to make sure that everything, from the blog branding, the looks of your blog down to the blog theme you used are all related to your topic/niche. Make good research about each and every topic in your niche. Gather as much information as you can when researching so that you will have a bag of ideas that will serve as a content bank.

From the pool of ideas, be ready to organize them by grouping them to a particular system that is comfortable to you. Some people does that by separating high complex ideas from the simple ones. Others group thoughts that are similar together and make individual files for all supporting ideas. There is no single way to do this but vast ways, so choose any which suits you. But work on it in a manner that suits your preference. Whatever will work fine as long as you can get your hands to the idea that you look for as soon as you need to write something about it, do it.

Schedule Your Posting (Blogging Frequency)

Another important part of content planning is making a schedule for your posts. Identifying posting frequency helps in two most important ways.

• One is that you are given a guide by having a timeline as to when you should be writing something for your blog.

• The second is that your audience are able to predict when they are going to visit the blog for your fresh posts. The routine effectively makes you to be a natural and productive blogger and it assures repeat visits from visitors and loyal followers.

Although you need to Post frequently for SEO purposes but it is also important to allow for some time to let the readers absorb the information you already wrote. A daily update is fine especially for short posts that followers look forward to. You may also opt for a 3-5 posts per week.
Again, there is no definite rule to how much you should post and when you should post in a week. Rather, go by the nature of your own niche. If it demands for quality content, you can offer at least one or two in a week and have short break.

The most important thing to consider in the process is that you have to produce quality and enough content that will work with your posting frequency schedule. It is valuable that you plan your schedule well because it will determine how much work you need to do every week as well as how reliable and trusted your blog will be for new/fresh contents.



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