Have you ever thought of having your site/blog posts display on Google news feed in all Google apps like chrome and others ?

Google News Feed is mainly the major source of traffic for some websites especially news and entertainment. It can also provide you a number of traffic if your site has 10 to 20 articles related to latest news or happenings, but the article should be focused on a particular news which can be technology, entertainment, politics, world news, sports news etc.

So in this write-up, i’ll show you how to make your site ready and available for google news and how to submit your blog/site to google news feed and get approved!

Things To Do Before Submission Of Your Site To Google News.
#1. Offer Important Contents And Interesting Articles to Audience.

#2. If your site has or publishes aggregated content, try to block it with robots.txt file so as not to be accessed by Google crawlers. Then separate original write-ups from them.

#3. Write what you know and exhibit clear details about your info

#4. Be accountable.

#5. Posts must be readable

How to Submit a Site to Google News?

#1: Add and Verify your site in Google Webmaster tools.

#2: Next is to go to Google News Publishing Center

#3: Click on the button named “Request Inclusion in Google News”

#4: Enter the required details about your site .
Like description, url , source name, site language, original city, state/province and region as shown below:

#5: Fill in the news section of your site i.e your site categories (url) and then select labels. Click more sections if you have more than one section to add as shown below:

#6: Then click on submit

#7: A pop up message will show immediately with the title, INCLUSION REQUEST SUBMITTED.
Your site will be reviewed by Google team for about 1 to 3 weeks of submission… You can check your public center for further updates if submission was accepted. Sample can be seen below:

Now you’re done…
Having any issues with submitting your site to Google news ?
Let me know via the comment box


    • Not really. Google has made it easy in such a way that your blogger blogs become automatically submitted to search console(whether having a domain or not) . You’ll just need to verify it and then follow up


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