Is your site or blog suffering from a manual penalty from google ?
See how to identify that….

If your website traffic has taken a nosedive, and your site has stopped showing up in Google search results, this may be due to a manual action, or penalty, being applied to your site.

Manual penalties are Google’s way of keeping websites that are presumed to be harmful or in violation of its terms of service out of its search results. They may do this by removing the site in search entirely, or by placing a warning beneath its listing.

You can learn more about why Google takes manual action against websites on this Webmaster Tools Help page.

To find out if your site is suffering from a manual penalty, you will need access to The Google Webmaster Tools.

Visit the dashboard, click “Search Traffic,” then “Manual Actions.”

If there are any actions listed on this page, they are responsible for your site not showing up on Google.

To learn how to resolve your manual penalty and get your website ranking again, stay tuned as we bring it up on another blog post.


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