Before we go into how to reduce your blog’s bounce rate, we need to clearly understand what bounce rate is and how to check your blog’s bounce rate.
What is/are bounce rate?
A bounce rate is a single page session in your site and in analytics, it is normally calculated specifically on a session that triggers only a single request in the analytics server.

How to know/check your bounce rate
You can easily check your bounce rate by logging in or signing up for Google analytics. And then click on behavior under the standard reports at the left hand side of your screen.
Click on site contents and then landing page. Wait to load and you’ll see your bounce rate column.

How to reduce bounce rate
First and foremost, do you think high bounce rate is a good thing ?
Actually it isn’t, and that is why I wanna show you how to reduce it instantly. Ride along with me now

1. Set Realistic Expectations: Benchmark Averages for Bounce Rates

Content Websites: 40-60%
Lead Generation: 30-50%
Blogs: 70-98%
Retail Sites: 20-40%
Service Sites: 10-30%
Landing Pages: 70-90%

2. Attract the Right Visitors and readers

Choose the right keywords to match your contents, not just to attract the most number of visitors.
Create multiple landing pages with unique content and keywords for your different contents.
Maintain top rankings for quality terms.
Write attractive and useful meta descriptions for search engine users.

3. Enhance Usability

Make your text readable and the use of larger fonts, good color contrast, and large headlines.
Use well-organized responsive layouts that allow for quick and easy navigation on all pages

4. Speed Up Page Load Time

Use little or no self-loading multimedia content.
Set external links to open in new browser tabs.
Don’t let ads distract from your content: Place static ads to sides, and avoid pop-ups ads and self-loading multimedia ads.

5. Provide Quality Content

Have an obvious main message.
Use clear headers and subheadings.
Tailor content to intended visitors.
Use stylish copy and images.
Make your content error-free.
Include a clear call-to-action.

You can see some ways to also reduce bounce rate from the image below

What are some other ways you can decrease your website’s bounce rate?
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