Conducting keyword research is one of the most important steps in your full-service SEO strategy; it has the potential to make or break your long term SEO campaign.

Targeting the right keywords will help drive more targeted traffic to your site, as well as help your site rank well for relevant searches. There is no specialized way of conducting your keyword research but you need to do it right when carrying out your task.

Our keyword research should be based on 3 most important paths viz:
• Search Volume
• Competition
• Search Intent

• Search Volume
As you do keyword research you may find a number of keywords that align with your content’s subject matter. Obviously, the highest-volume keyword is the first one to consider. But other factors, like what other content already ranks for that keyword, are equally important when deciding if a keyword is right for your content. Other factors, like…

• Competition
Keep in mind, your content is competing with everything else on that page for that coveted #1 ranking and for the searcher’s attention. So if there are a lot of paid ads that appear or highly authoritative websites in the SERP, your content will have a harder time ranking at the top.

• Search Intent
Start by studying the SERP. What content is already ranking for that keyword? Are the pages that rank tactical, instructional pieces of content? Are they product pages? Are they news articles? You can discover a lot about search intent simply by studying the SERP.

Remember, the content on the first page of a SERP is the content Google (and users) find the most valuable based on search intent. You can take hints and clues about what the searcher wants based on what is already ranking for a keyword.

Be Creative

Although we do have our own keywords in mind but it is good to think outside the box. We can evaluate ourselves by asking some questions like:

Can you find a better keyword with less volume, but less competition?

Are there other keywords your competition isn’t ranking for that you could target with your content?

Your content will have the best chance of appearing in Google if you are deliberate about your keyword choice, even if asking these questions and doing additional research delays your publish date a bit.


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