Am introducing to you the best affiliate platform which pays $1 per referal and minimum cashout is $1 either by paypal, bitcoin or wire transfer…

How does the affiliate program work?

After you register in the affiliate program, you get a unique affiliate ID that is added to all your links and into their HTML code. You can publish links to any pages of the service on your site, pages, in communities and on social networks. When a user attracted by your ad clicks your affiliate link and comes to the site, the system remembers this visitor and automatically registers it as a visitor brought by you (it means that the customer comes from you). After the user starts using the site, you start getting your affiliate reward. The reward will accrue on your account even if you do nothing more and it will go on forever. You can always see the amount accrued on your account in your affiliate account and also apply for its withdrawal (restricted by a minimum limit only).

I’m a new PC user. Please tell me how I can copy promotional materials from your site?
First, find the HTML code you need in a text field on the Banners, Texts or Scripts and Forms pages that are located in your account. You should copy this code and paste it into the source HTML code of your site.
To copy the code, select the entire content of the text field by clicking anywhere on the text field. After you select the code, the entire contents of the text field will be highlighted in blue.
Then select the “Copy” command on the “Edit” menu of your browser to copy the selected code. If you do not want to paste the code into the source HTML code of your site, you can paste it into another application (for instance, Notepad).

Now let’s see how to paste the code into the source HTML code of our site.
In order to show promotional materials on your site, it is really important that you copy the ad code in exactly the same way it is displayed on the pages in your account and paste it directly into the source HTML code of your web pages without any changes. Changes in the ad code may result in errors on your page.
After you copy the code, get back to the desktop and open your HTML editor. After you open the source HTML code, select the place where you need to paste your ad code and select “Paste” on the “Edit” menu.
After you edit the code of your web page(s), you should save the changes and upload the updated pages to the server or publish them there. If you have problems with uploading the pages to the server, contact your web hosting service provider.
If you add the code correctly, your promotional materials should appear on your site immediately.

How much will I earn by participating in your affiliate program?
It depends on a lot of factors, such as:
The number of visitors on your site or the sites where you publish information about
The relevance of the topics the site deals with to that targeted audience that may get interested in the exchanger monitoring service. In plain words, do not expect a lot of visitors coming from your affiliate link published on a site devoted to breeding parrots.
Correct information presentation. For instance, one little “currency exchange” link without any description somewhere in the corner of a web page will not attract many people.

If I publish my affiliate link in my signature on a forum, will I still get the credit for clicks and other affiliate program bonuses?
Yes, you will.

I already have other affiliate programs on my site. Can I participate in your affiliate program?
Yes, you can. Their is no restrictions regarding other affiliate programs.

Does my site fit for participating in the affiliate program?
All sites that comply with the terms and conditions of the affiliate program are welcomed.

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