Google wants each and everyone to conserve data. Google has finally launched Datally, a free mobile app to help you understand and curb your data usage. The app is primarily intended for users in India and Southeast Asia and not forgetful,Africa where it is common to use prepaid SIM cards with a limited amount of data.

Datally can be obtained for free on the Google Play Store, and is available for all Android devices. Datally shows you graphs of data spent daily, monthly, or weekly basis. You’ll also have the opportunity to monitor apps that consumes most of your data, both recently and over the passage of time

Datally also includes Data Saver, a feature that blocks apps from using data in the background. When Data Saver is enabled, a bubble will appear to the right of your screen in any app you’re using. The bubble will inform you, in real time, of how much data the app is using. By pressing the bubble at any point, you can block the app from using data.

And in the interest of saving your data, Datally will alert you when you’re near public wifi, and help you connect.

This app could eliminate a lot of stress not just for those with prepaid SIM cards, but for anyone with a limited data plan.


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