Today, I am going to show you a completely new way to make  quick money online using WordPress. Some of you might have been already aware of it already, but I am 100% sure that majority of WordPress users will find it totally aweso

Well , almost all are very well familiar with the website, the World’s most popular micro-job website which allows everyone especially registered members to buy and sell services easily.


Fiverr one of the most different concept online, where sellers posts a jobs and any interested buyer will purchase that job for the given bucks. The revenue model is pretty open to everyone, fiverr takes 20% share out of every sale you make. And also there are featured gigs, where sellers have to pay a given amount as a fee for featuring their paid gigs. In addition, users can earn more by adding complimentary gigs where buyer pays extra bucks for more bundled offers.

Earlier it seems to be an impossible desire for an average non-coder bloggers like most of you reading this to create a Fiverr-like website. And at the same time, the cost of hiring a programmer is much.

pricerr wordpress theme create fiverr like site


Pricerr is the World’s only and best WordPress theme for creating a micro-job website like Fiverr. It’s a Premium theme(paid and not free), that allows you to transform your WordPress blog in to a full-fledged micro job site where sellers could offer fixed small price task and the buyers can make the payment using multiple services like PayPal,, AlertPay and Google in 25 different currencies.

What are the requirements needed to get started?

1. A catchy and nice domain name: Starts from $10 and above. It’s always better to get a short domain name for your website, something that immediately strikes on the visitor’s mind and can be easily remembered.

2. A reliable web-hosting plan: Starts from roughly $120 or you can go for a shared hosting tgen upgrade later. That’s, the basic and most important or needed requirement before raising any website. Yes, for starting days you can get a shared hosting plan from any reliable WordPress hosting providers. However, I prefer Namecheap (this blog is hosted on a shared namecheap plan) as they had never let me down, as well as they are affordable too. However, once you start getting visitors to your site, you can instantly upgrade to a business hosting plan

3. Buy Pricerr theme for WordPress: Starts from $69 a single site license, or if you’re a developer than you can also opt for developer license, which allows you to install Pricerr theme on as many of your sites or even on your client’s site if needed. If you are un-sure, then don’t panic, as you can upgrade your license later on, by just paying the price difference.

It’ll cost you roughly around $200 to get started!

So you’ve got the domain, a hosting plan and a licensed copy of Pricerr theme, now what’s next?

  • If you’re already aware of how to set up and configure, your new domain name with your hosting account then its cool, else follow this detailed knowledge base at Godaddy.
  • Now you’ve configured the domain name with your hosting provider, check that your domain is packed well.
  • Once, you’re done with the domain packing, it’s time to install WordPress
  • Finally, you’re ready with your fresh WordPress site, now the next is to install the Pricerr theme.

To install and activate the theme, just navigate to the dashboard >> Appearance >> Themes >> Install themes and select upload. Now use the following uploader box to upload the Pricerr theme .zip file. Once, you’ve uploaded the theme, just push the activate button, and you’ve successfully installed the Pricerr on your WordPress site.

pricerr installation activate

Configuring the Pricerr theme settings

Site summary

pricerr theme dashbaord

The Pricerr theme adds a full set of configurable panel inside WP-admin, it automatically appears above the “Dashboard” tab, and the very first option you could see is a site-summary. It’s a basic summary about your Fiverr site, that shows total number of active jobs are available on your website, how many that are closed and the actual count of users, administrators and subscribers, so you don’t need to find them manually within the WordPress users settings because it is open to you already.

Main settings

pricerr general settings

Here you could see,that there are loads of options to configure, beginning with the numbers of extras, which is actually the number of extra complimentary jobs a seller could offer along with a micro-job, the default settings normally is “10,” and you can set it to your desirable value, I want to go with default settings for now.

You could make a visitor profile more appealing by activating country flags, but for that you need to get a key at 
If you want to manually want to approve any job before it gets listed, check the “admin approves each request” to  “yes,” while its good to have a blog on your website because it helps you to connect with visitors and lets you post anything about your website etc.

Further you could set the job listing period, featured jobs period, number of jobs to be appeared on the homepage.

In the next filter tab, it filter out your email addresses and URLs. The third tab is to configure whether, you want to enable shipping for jobs or not. While, the last two tabs are for enabling social logins within your Fiverr like site, using Facebook and Twitter profiles.

But, to make it work you need to install a third-party plugin from the WordPress directory named as “WordPress Social login.”

Layout settings

pricerr layout settings

The theme fairly allows you to customize just everything from the Dashboard with easy to configure set of options. You could select one of the four layouts, tick the Yes button if you want “how it works banner” to be displayed right below the header portion of your site, and you can also define your own slogans there. In the next header tab, it resides a single option to upload the site logo, while the footer tab allows your to edit left side and right side footer area content of your site. The last tab is to set colors for background, footer and top links.

Email settings

email settings pricerr theme

Now this is the email junction of your site, it come with a tab to configure each and every email which will be generated from your site. It seems to be a bit stuffy and hard to configure but be assured as there’s very little to customize, albeit only the modifications you want to add within each email template rest each tab is already filled with default email content and tags. Yes, each email template is fully customizable, with the help of a simple editor and a list of tags is also added for quick input. You can even enable or disable each email template, as the email subject can be easily edited for each of them.

Pricing settings

currency settings for pricerr theme

As, I’ve already mentioned above, the Pricerr theme supports nearly 25 currencies across the World, there’s US dollars, Euros, Canadian Dollars, Swiss Franks, British Pounds, Singapore Dollars, Brazilian Real, Indian Rupees, Russian Ruble, and Mexican Pesos, to name a few.

Next tab allows you set the initial job fees for a listing, the default is set to noting, while for the featured job listing you can set the amount, withdrawn limit for the seller and the most important, the fee you’ll charge upon each job completion. It can be set as, in %(percentage) values or, you can also define a solid amount as, a charge from each sale. The third job values tab, makes you to set the fixed starting amount for a new job or allowing seller to select the job price from the dropdown job values, which can be defined from the last fourth tab, as seen in the screenshot above.

Payment Gateways

payment gateways in pricerr theme

The Pricerr theme comes with hassle free built-in gateway integrations to accept payments from PayPals, AlertPay, Moneybookers, iDeal. All you need to do is enable and add the respected email account for each service and you are done! If you also want to enable offline payments then you could also configure the last tab to add your bank details as well.

Withdrawal Requests

Withdraw requests pricerr theme wordpress

Under this tab you’ll get notifications when every time a seller will raise withdraw requests from his account. All you need to do is check whether the raised withdraw requests is qualified enough to make a payment, then you may manually transfer the virtual amount specified in his requests with the real money into his PayPal or any payment meansfrom yours.

User balances

user balances

It’s a panel to check out, balance of each and every single user active on your site, there’s nothing to configure. However, you can increase and decrease cash from any account with any amount you want, just with the push of an update button next to each user profile.

Insite Transactions

Insite transactions

Nothing you’ve to configure either in this settings tab. This is just a log of an every single transaction which, takes place on your site.



This order tab is to monitor all orders on your website, in the first Active tab you can see all orders which are under active status on your site, next to it is a search active orders tab, third is delivered orders tab, followed by its search tab, and then the completed, closed etc. So again, there’s nothing to set, just monitor all your order activities under this settings.

User Reviews

User review

All reviews added by users on your website will be available under this tab and in case if you want to access review of a single, specific user then you may use the search user tab next to it.

Private Messages

private messages

Pricerr, comes well-integrated with a native private messaging system that allows your seller and buyers let easily communicate about any job listings. Under this tab you could see and moderate all private messaging activities going through on your website.

Tracking Tools

tracking tools pricerr wordpress theme

The most easy way to track visitors on your site is using Google Analytics, just insert in your analytics code and save. While, if you’re interested in any other such tracking services beside of Google Analytics then you could use the other tracking tools tab for an easier implementation of the tracking code.

Advertising Spaces

advertising spaces

The last tab under Pricerr theme settings and the crucial one, if you want to monetize your site besides of those paid featured job listing, and the commission you get upon each job completion. You can add advertisement or banner code under these tabs of your homepage, job page, category page and single blog or even normal page of your site areas.

Pricerr Job & Request post types

request and job post types pricerr theme

Once, you’re done with the settings field, next comes the Jobs field, a separate custom post types aside of your traditional WordPress blog posts. It consists of all the jobs published on your website, and there are two custom taxonomies to further classify your job posts, by job categories and job locations. You can mass delete, modify all of your jobs from this panel.

Editing a job

pricerr theme admin screenshot

No, you’re not going to edit the job posts this way, but in case if you want then this is admin view of editing a job, there’s an option to edit each and every details about the job

Similarly, are the Requests post types, they are just the dupe of the “Jobs” post types, where user request his demand of a specific task, filled from the front-end of the side.

Well, that was the complete overview of Pricerr, “WordPress Fiverr theme”, I’ve covered each and every single settings from the admin side. Now it’s time to quickly go through the front-end interface of the default Pricerr theme installation.

Posting new Jobs from the front-end of Pricerr

New micro job post screenshot from pricerr theme

This is a sample page from the front-end of the website where any visitor can submit a new job posts, you could see how neat the page looks, I mean everything is so professional that anyone can be easily impressed with the front-end interface of your website.

default user interface

Now comes the default account of a basic seller on your site, here the person can manage all his/her jobs, access their payments stats, manage sales, read all of their private messages, update their personal informations and lastly the user reviews and feedbacks, they had received upon any job completion.

 A sample micro-job posted on Pricerr

A sample job posted on Pricerr theme WordPRess

Lastly, this is the sample micro-job posting on the site illustrating, he will deliver a Powerpoint presentation for a mere $12. A job posts comes with every stats that makes the site appear more professional, such as number of orders in queue, sellers’ rating, number of views for the given jobs, a sellers’ level badge, time stamps, ratings and a built-in like system for improved user interaction.


If you are really considering to create your own Fiverr-like site, then nothing could be better other than this WordPress Pricerr theme, not just because this is the only option to raise such a site using WordPress but, it’s more about ease of usage. Running a Fiverr like site requires alot of features, which becomes even more difficult to manage  but with Pricerr theme it becomes so easy to create, customize, manages, monitor and maintain.




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