People normally update status on Facebook about what happend earlier today, joke, news and others. They normally like to attract people with their updated status on Facebook. Just imagine how others feel when you update a blank Facebook status. They seem to be amazed and confused about how you updated an empty status.

How to Update a Blank status on facebook
Now follow these steps:

• Login to your facebook account as usual and go to status update.
• Now in the status update field, type @[0:0: ] in that field and press post button.
• Your empty status update will be posted successfully.

Alternative method to post empty/blank status on facebook (For pc users)

• Login to your Facebook account
• In the status field, press and hold the Alt key, then press 0173
• Click Post button.
• Your blank status will be posted successfully.

Now we’ve learnt how to update an empty/blank status on facebook, why not try it out.
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