People often at times go into maintenance of Website without letting their audience know they are under maintenance. This affects the site as a whole because of so many reasons including the saddened face brought upon to your audience. For WordPress users, a plugin has being developed to help you show a banner with the theme or title saying ” Site Under Construction”.

The name is UnderConstructionPage WordPress Plugin

This plugin was developed for wordpress users to show a sign whenever their site is under construction. Don’t worry, the plugin is completely free for all WordPress users.

Let’s move over to talking a bit about the plugin.


UnderConstructionPage Plugin was developed to show signs whenever your site is under construction.
You can create a maintenance mode Page, landing page and an UnderConstructionPage within a minute with this plugin. It takes no time and also this plugin has so many designs of banner you would like to display.

Features Of UnderConstructionPage Plugin

– Under construction mode – off / on is made available
– Automatic Date and Time for starting maintenance and end of maintenance
– Tracking of Google Analysis made available
– Title page (seo)
– Varieties of UnderConstruction page theme
– Description (SEO)
– Headline
– Content
– Login Button
– Social icons/links are available

And so much more…

Another outstanding feature of underconstructionpage is the availability of the support system, which means that you can send a message anytime to the admin probably asking him or her what brought about the maintenance and when likely it will end.
Don’t be left out

You can watch demo below:

How To Install The UnderConstructionPage Plugin

There is no special way of installing this plugin. It follows the same procedure you applied when installing other plugins to your WordPress site. But for those seeking for the procedures again, follow suit:

– Open WordPress admin, Locate the Plugins section, click on Add New.
– A search button will appear above, enter “under construction page” and search.
– Once the plugin appears, click “Install Now”
– Then Activate & open plugin’s settings page located under the Settings menu

For those who downloaded the plugin from site, you can follow same procedure to install but but this time around, you don’t need to search for it. Just click on add new, upload plugin and then select the plugin from your folder and activate after uploading.

See more ratings, testimonies and download the UnderConstructionPage WordPress Plugin Here >>>> UnderConstruction WordPress Plugin

Official Site >>>> UnderConstructionPage Official Website


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