What is Etsy?

Etsy is a Web-enabled buyer and seller sorority similar to eBay, but emphasizes on selling arts, crafts handmade or vintage items and supplies.

With about 30 million visitors each month Etsy provides a wonderful podium for artisans, crafters and creative designers which aids them in spreading their work to the worldwide audience and grow their business.

Your goal should be to dominate Etsy’s powerful visitor base to reach millions of people and sell your products to them without getting into the struggle of creating your own website, promoting it and handling payment processing.

Top Etsy sellers make upto 1 million dollars annually by selling arts, crafts and handmade items.

If you take this into effect, you can also be one among them.

Suitable For:

Artistic and craftier people who love to visualize, design, scheme and create their own items/products.

Skills Required:

1. Inventive abilities to imagine, think, design and create items which can be sold online.

2. Ability to advocate your Etsy store using social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, along with other methods such as blogging, guest posting, networking.

Time Required For Creating Your Store On Etsy

You can register on Etsy almost instantaneously.

But while creating your stock you’ll need to craft its caption, get photos of items that you want to sell, write a captivating description, decide on pricing factors.

To finalize the above-mentioned steps it might take one or two days.


1. Resolve what you are going to sell: Before getting into Etsy make a list of items that you think you can construct.

Once the list is set, go to Etsy and type in keywords to find other sellers who offer indistinguishable items which you are planning to sell.

Unearth what they are selling? how do their products differ from others? What are their pricing strategies?

Do some competition scrutiny and try to find items within your list which will face less competition.

Based on your initial analysis and competition analysis finalize an item which you think will be more suitable for creating your initial space on Etsy.

2. Select a name for your store: Once you register an account with Etsy, the first thing you’ll need to do is to setup your store. And naming it is the first step of the setup process among others.

Select a name that perfectly represents what you want to sell. But don’t waste your time on lingering for finding a perfect name.

Etsy gives you one more opportunities to rename your store, so pick a name right away, and give it more thought later on.

3. Set up your store: Following are the basic steps you’ll need to follow while setting up for the store.

Create a logo

Creating a logo is very ideal for building a brand and improving credibility.

Make sure the logo you design is unique and advertises the items you want to sell.

If you don’t have graphic creating skills it’s always better to outsource the logo designing task to somebody on Fiverr.

Tell them exactly what you want and let the Fiverr experts do the job for you.

#Use appealing item photos

Photos are going to be the first point of contact between your item and your potential customer.

So you need to make sure that your item photos do the job of catching customer’s eyeballs and convince him/her to read the description.

If they don’t find item’s photos appealing then they’ll not even bother reading your item’s description.

A trick is to study the photographs of other successful stores who sell similar items like yours and then enhancetheir technique.

Try to take photos using a DSLR and use white plain backgrounds.

#Offer differing price points and sizes

Most successful Etsy sellers offer varying item sizes and prices, this helps them to attract all levels of buyers.

This approach helps them to ensure that there is always something for everyone.

For e.g. If you sell smaller original pieces at a lower price point, people who cannot afford to buy large expensive items can still buy from you.

In this way, you’ll carry the needs of both expensive and budget buyers.

5. Write compelling description: Your item’s description is the second important point after photos, it does the job of persuading potential customers to place an order with you.

So make sure that you write the most compelling item description.

The best way to start is studying what your competitors have written their description, study the biggest questions that your potential customer ask.

Take notes and model your description based on your notes.

Also, try to answer every potential customer’s questions so that they don’t have any reservations while placing an order with you.

Also, communicate important points about your item such as dimensions, the material used, care to be taken during usage and so on.

6. Include right tags and keywords: Most of the potential customers will find your store through search.

So you need to make sure that you title and description has right keywords incorporated into them.

To generate a list of keywords, think about what your potential customer would type into the search bar to find what you’re selling.

Snoop into your competitor’s title and description to dig out more relevant keywords.

Also, make a list of relevant keywords that appear in the auto-suggested list of Etsy’s search bar and add them to your listings.

Other Options To Etsy

When you are planning to sell arts and crafts item Etsy should be your first choice of platform.

But if you want to expand your reach even further you should consider selling your arts on the following websites.

Here’s the list of the sites optional to Etsy:

How To Monetize

Monetization is very simple. More people place orders with you more money you make.

Your customer’s rating is going to have a huge impact on improving your sales, brand buildup and credibility.

So make sure that you deliver quality items within your promised delivery dates.

Take time and care while packaging your item so that it doesn’t bend, chip or break in transit.

Try to cover the cost of packing materials into your shipping charges.

That’s all!
Happy selling arts and crafts on Etsy.


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