Evolution is an integral part of the history. Several times, people have faced problems with their necessities but they have recovered successfully. In the entertainment aspect, there is also a dramatic evolution which started from the ancient era. Now’ I’ll try to brief the whole journey from the dramas to the online video streaming sites like CouchTuner, here.

Dramas and Musical Shows

The journey of entertainment has witnessed many types of elements on their way to supremacy. In the ancient times when there was no electricity available in the human civilization, people used to entertain themselves by organizing some musical shows and dramas. They used to light up thefire in the middle of a village and enjoyed these to the fullest.


At first, people discovered the static electricity which can be formed by friction and storing energy. This took the wheel of civilization a meter ahead holding the hands of Transistors. Transistors are such devices by which one can enjoy some information or music through the antennas. Remember, Transistors contain only one frequency to workout.


Frequency Modulation came with a light of hope in the broadcasting circuit. It is just an advanced version of a transistor. Through this tool, people can enjoy many audio programs from adifferent frequency. The most interesting fact about FM is that you can have the live audio streaming of a cultural or sports event by this.


Most of the people among uslove to enjoy a cricket match seating on the ground. But music is the ultimate requirement for all of us. So, a unique music playing instrument came to the market in 1877. So, people got a nice tool to play their desired music. There were some cassettes available loaded with different musical audios.

Audio Tape Recorders Come Players

Civilization was happening rapidly as they invented a new device to listen to music. Yes, the gramophone also allowed us to listen to our selected musical pieces. But with the audio tapes, people can have far better experience than the previous time. Its portability and better recording ability helped to take over the Gramophones.

Bioscopes and Cinema Halls

All of the above devices offered only the audio experience. However, the time had come for the technical inventors to provide the visual pleasure also. Hence, the rise of bioscopes and cinema halls were made and allowed people to enjoy the audio-visual multimedia. Now, the cinema halls have turned into multiplexes with multiple screens.


Though the invention of bioscopes had helped us to get a better amusement with the audio-visual gesture. But people wanted to enjoy the movies and videos at home. Hence, television came with a shower of happiness. Not only the videos and movies were available in it, but people can watch the live streaming of any program sitting in his bedroom with this magical device.

Online Video Streaming Sites

Television too had some problems with poor signaling and power cut. Since none of us can tolerate an interruption during a video streaming, technical developers developed a brand new feature on the internet named online video streaming platforms. Through these latest platforms, we can enjoy non-stop movies and favorite TV shows.

So, you must enjoy the latest feature for the multimedia entertainment. For watching online movies and TV series, you can check the details of such platforms described on Layerpoint.


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