I have been blogging for some years now, and each day i meet someone who has some kind of blogging failure traits. I do notice this easily because I once saw those traits in myself at the early days of my blogging.

I never realized until after a long period. Fortunately, you can make your own learning curve shorter by taking advantage of the powerful tips and guides from my experience and association with other pro bloggers.

Here are some possible reasons why people encounter failure in blogging easily

1. You Don’t just Believe Anything

The first obstacle and dangerous is your mind. Talking from experience, your success/failure depends on the disposition of your mind. The reputation of your class teacher about you, your poor grades and seemingly poor memory are not the determiners of your success or failure, your mind is.

How far you would go in life is not as a result of your brain; otherwise, the so called ‘geniuses’ would have been the most successful in life. Rather, haven’t you wondered that most of the successful people worldwide are almost school dropouts?

Recently, someone who read about my incredible how I achieve DA 40 in just 3 months commented so negatively on the grounds that I couldn’t have achieved so much over the short period of time I’ve been a blogger.

Obviously, his negative mindset is at work at that moment, forcing him not to believe that such achievement is possible regardless of my blogging duration.

Here’s the lesson; if your mind can picture it, then you can capture it!

2. You Don’t Disbelieve Anything

Doubting everything is also as bad as believing everything, especially when it comes to (mmm) making money online. In as much as your belief is an essential ingredient to your success, you should also ‘sample’ what to believe as this would help you to be a successful blogger in life.

A friend of mine was already internet-savvy long before I even knew what a computer is. He takes note of date with all the money making seminars and talks. He will come back teaching me and would often boast of his vast sense of information about internet-based opportunities and best techniques.

Currently, I’ve made cool cash via internet-based opportunities in a short time, while this good friend of mine is still struggling to make it.

The lesson is; don’t confuse yourself with all the bulk of information going on over the internet now. Filter what you should read and believe it.

3. You want to get rich immediately
This blogging quote keeps me moving :

I came to learn in the early days of my blogging and internet marketing, that there’s nothing like a get-rich-quick or overnight technique in blogging.

When I first started out in blogging, my main aim was to achieve success fast. Well, you don’t have to blame me because I’m naturally a guy who loves getting things instantly. So, in my effort of trying to also get rich as fast as in the online arena, I was scammed several times… I’ll say i learnt the hard way now.

Here’s the lesson; there is no such thing as overnight success in online arena. It’s simple; since you can’t even get rich quick in a normal business, the same principle applies to blogging or any form of internet marketing.

So, you may be asking, what’s the average time required to get a successful blog? Well, from my experience, the more hardwork you put the more you get out of it. And a lot of hard work is required in the aspect of creating informative and mind appealing fresh contents, plus SEO techniques.

4. You are Only Focusing on the Short-Term benefit

If you are only concerned with short term benefit, you will quit easily from blogging. The most successful bloggers today are those who have patiently organized their blogs with their minds set on the future benefits. So, it took some of them an average of two to five years to start harvesting meaningful benefits from their blogs. So, if you put in your best now in view of the harvest of the future, you will become a successful blogger eventually.

5. You are Not Focused

This is possibly the common problem for those who come to online arena to look for income earning opportunities. Of course, I was a victim of such in my early blogging days. If you are not focused on a particular niche and invest all your efforts towards it, you will end up being ‘Jack of all trade and master of none!”

Becoming a successful blogger requires carefully choosing something you have a passion for and would not quit even if it seems you are not seeing beneficial result at the onset. So, in the blogging world, the rule of thumb is to start with just one blog in your specialized/focused area and grow the blog to success before thinking of a second niche and blog.

6. You are Afraid of Criticism

Come to think of it, who among the best bloggers, digital marketers and internet lords have not been criticized? Is it Bill Gates, Obama, or Nelson Mandela of South Africa…

Simply put, criticism is part of life and must come, especially on a life that is prone to success. Don’t quit or feel dejected because someone criticized your blog post or designs or try to put a question mark on your blogging achievement. I was also a victim of criticism when I first started blogging on a blogger blog– the criticism sucked and overturned me. But now, if I don’t get some criticisms, I start to feel like I am about to fail! Concentrate on doing what is best instead of fizzling out as a result criticism.

7. You are Scared of Monetizing your Blog

It is not a crime to monetize your blog/site, you deserve some rewards/medals for the quality free values you add to your readers. So, don‘t be scared of monetizing your blog!

Don’t just stop at creating quality contents and generating traffic, take it a step further by generating reasonable profit from your blogging effort.

8. You are Not Marketing Your Blog Sufficiently or in a right way

You may create the best of contents, but if you lack marketing expertise your blog would not go far but remain stagnant like a stagnant water. Excellent marketing strategy is what would place value on your blog’s contents and bring the needed reward. So, start thinking more like a marketer now in order to succeed in blogging.

9. You Pay Less Attention to Your Content

This is because you are always concerned about generating and generating and generating traffic and achieving high conversion rates. As good as these efforts are, paying more attention to your blog’s content is probably the most important. When you offer valuable and relevant contents, traffic will naturally flow and higher conversion rate will follow.

10. You are Stagnant with Your Knowledge

If you are still running your blog with yesterday’s blogging tips and knowledge, you will end up delivering ‘half-baked’ tips to your readers. And of course, most of them would look elsewhere to read from. Don’t be a ‘one man’s island’ friend.

Relate with other bloggers worldwide, also visit blogging forums to learn new things and likewise read the blogs of the pros in your niche. It will help to keep your blogging knowledge up to date and add value to your blog whenever you are creating contents.

Take in all these guides about blogging success and start practicing them to see result in your blogging career.

I will love to know your views in the comment section.



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