One of the best ways to communicate an idea currently is through infographics. By utilizing graphic visual representations, the audience can easily perceive information and data quickly and clearly. But what makes an infographic good ? What are the elements that come into play when making an infographic ? What will make people share it ?

It’s not just about throwing in whatever images you want to put in or just saying a few words here and there. Making good infographics is like creating a dish that has flavors that complement each other and of course when a dish is well cooked, everyone wants a share in it.

Below is an infographic from Infographic Design Team that gives a few examples as well as the right components needed to create a well-received infographic.

To be able to create successfully shared infographics, it is important to take note of previous concrete examples that have already been tried and tested. The 6 infographics given as examples were the following:

• 3D Agriculture – It had a simple design but was streamlined in an attractive way
• Social Media Today – Illustrated statistics and gave graphic illustrations about marketing
• A Brief History of Content Marketing – Presented an informative history of marketing and its evolution over time
• 10 Most Popular Dogs – Engaging, informative, and appealing to a target group
• 10 Ways to Reduce Stress – More text than the usual infographic but presented valuable information to a target audience
• Road Warriors: 10 Cities with the Most Commuter Cyclists – Appealed to a certain group and was appreciated for the important information that the group wanted to know

The sample infographics above have certain components which have been tried and tested to create successfully shared infographics. They make use of 2-3 or even all of the aspects below:

• Good Use of Color – is carefully planned and strategized to draw attention to vital information
• Strong Data or Information – should be at a minimum but must be up-to-date and important
• Image Dominant – infographics with graphics and images are highly appealing
• Focuses on a Niche Audience – the more specific your information, the more you will capture your intended audience
If these elements are considered when making an infographic, the chances of it being well-received and shared are high.


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