Hey Stop! Stop everything you’re doing now and give this post your full attention. Spending the time reading this post could be the best decision you’ll make this week or moment.

What if I told you that I’ll like to share with you the secret to monetizing your blog?

Monetizing your blog has for the majority of site owners hasn’t been that successful with them only making a few dollars each month from carrying ads on their site.

The secret to monetizing your site is simple: Stop selling Advertisements.


Don’t worry, you’ve every right to be confused.
What I’m stating now is hard to digest, right?

But it’s the harsh and provoking truth.

You could be screwing up big time if you display any sorts of advertisements on your blog.
Chill, let me make my point clear. Let me justify my statement before you jump into any dangerous conclusions.

The whole systems are trashed. Displaying ads was something that used to work flawlessly in the 90’s. Yes, you might see some blogs out there making money from advertisements but have you ever looked or glanced at their traffic statistics?

Isn’t it hilarious and quite funny to notice that its only blogs with loads and loads of traffic make any money (that actually counts) using advertisements?

Enough of the sermon nkw, I’ll justify my statement straight away.

Here are the drawbacks from having advertising on your site.

1. Ads don’t add anything to the design, uniqueness and look of your site.
Ads don’t tend to be visually appealing and if over used can make a site look so cheap.

2. You are playing with your reputation
Oh! Beautiful and cool banner! I think, I should add another one there. And one there too and also there. Ten under every post won’t hurt. Oh! And 4 beside the header will increase clicks. You also have that exact same thoughts while placing ads, right?

Over using Ads is one of the most common and likely made mistakes.

You are putting your reputation on the line by displaying ads. The mere fact that you show ads on your blog will turn some of your readers off.

It’ll show them how desperate you are to make money from your site. They will feel less unimportant whenever they enter your site.

3. Affects blog loading speed of site
Let me get my facts straight now, Banners of any/all sorts aren’t cool!

I won’t wait ages for a blog to load only to see that it is full of advertisements.

I won’t even bother to look at your content.

Fact is fact that adding sooo much banners or advertisements affect the page loading speed of your blog.

4. You loose traffic!
This is another thing that cannot be ignored at all under any circumstance. There is only a 50/50 probability that a person who has clicked on an advertisement of your blog will ever return back here.

Clicking on an ad will take them to another page diverting their attention immediately. Some people pay close attention and come back to your blog whereas some carelessly close your window.

1$ or not, is it worth it? Worth loosing your reader. Some one who could become your potential customer?

5. Divert Attention
I agree. You’ve put in some considerable amount of effort and made sure that your advertisement opens into a new window/tab. But it still will break your readers concentration, won’t it?

No matter how you argue, the truth is that Advertisements aren’t your site audience’s best friends.

Your readers will concentrate more on the motion advertisements rather than your precious and cool content that you wrote with all your spirit and dedication. Will you allow that happen?

Why the difference?
I could go on and on about why you shouldn’t display sooo much advertisements on your blog. But I value your time.

I follow a principle called K.I.S.S : Keep it Simple, silly!

So, I’m gonna keep it so simple.

I’ve been talking about why you shouldn’t display too much advertisements but I haven’t given you an alternative, right?

Don’t worry, I was saving the best part for the last.

And the alternative is……

Make a product. Sell it!

Amazed ?

Well, the truth needs to be accepted thou.

Selling a product of your own makes alot of sense. Doesn’t matter how minor it might turn out to be, ranging from an e-books to a large scaled webinar, from a small plugin to a whole new software.

Anything will do, as long as it fits your audience.

The most important thing for a blogger or site owner is to understand your audience. (Treat it like a business)

You need to put in that extra effort and understand your audience well. Because you can’t sell to somebody you don’t even know. A bunch of bloggers sell stuff to people without understanding their audience well. You can’t shove products down your readers throat if they’re not interested, right?

Get it yet?

The best way to know your audience perfectly is to work on one particular niche and become an authority.

Again, remember that narrowing your niche down helps a lot.

You’ll make more money.

Selling a product will fetch you more money. Why?

Because if you’re product is worth the cash, people will come back and buy your future products anytime.

And the best part?
You’re deliverying them value which increases the chances that they will recommend you to other people

And it’s much more easier:

The best thing nowadays is that it’s easy to sell any product to your audience. With services like Selz and others, you can sell ebooks or digital downloads securely from any website in minutes with no or little programming skills.

What’d you think?
Now that you’ve read the post and filled information into that cute, witty head of yours, go work! Analyze what you’re doing wrong and right it before it’s too late because HAD I KNOWN ALWAYS COMES AT LAST

Do it now and thank me anytime. You won’t regret it I promise. If you display so much advertisements on your blog then re-think your blog strategy again.

NOTE: Understand what am saying, advertisement is not bad because i also have one too which is adsense but tooo much of it is bad and turns away your audience easily
What do you think? What are your views? Did you have any similar experiences? Wanna share them with me?

GO ahead, comment below. I promise that I will reply to each and every one of your comments whether against or for.
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Any questions? No worries, drop them in the comments section below. I’ll be more than willing to answer your questions openly…


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