Being a freelancer poses a few challenges. No one else but you are going to get the job done. You are most likely producer, sales person, marketing director and accounting manager all rolled into one. A good network is essential, and remember that you are, according to others, seldom better than your last job. Here we give you the top 5 tips of finding work as a freelancer.

  1. Networking

Do it all the time. The person you meet today could be the one who gives you an assignment in six months or perhaps even tomorrow. You might have the right education and the work practice but you also need a strong network to be able to succeed. You can also make your network work for you by them telling others about you.

  1. Don’t wait around

Do not wait for an advert to come for a position or that a company needs help with something specific. Go to them first and be proactive. Make a list of companies that you would like to do business with and go after them. Do not expect to succeed the first time. Remind them and the one who hangs in there will be the one who prevails.

  1. Use social media

That is where the opportunities lie these days. Be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin and show the world who you are and what you can do. If you are a freelance writer start a blog where you can show your talents and post the link to the blog entries on the social media channels. There are even companies who now search for new staff on Snapchat for instance.

  1. Join a group

There are several on Facebook and Linkedin where you can connect with people in the same field as you. BNI is a network that is found around the world where people from different fields of work meet once a week and help each other to come in contact with potential clients.

  1. Decide your field of expertise

Decide what your field of expertise is and go after companies that are within that field. You will have competitors so make a strategy of what makes you unique and point out the reasons why the potential clients should choose you instead of someone else.

Do not compare yourself too much with others when it comes to how much work they get. You are on an individual journey and things will turn out all right probably when you least expect it.

Set your goals and go for it!

This article was produced by Patrick Hjertén for Patrick is a Freelance Copywriter, Translator & Writer. He bases himself between London and the Swedish countryside.


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