If you are a game addict, then you are likely suffering from a mental health condition, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), who has included “gaming disorder” in a beta draft of the 11th International Classification of Diseases (ICD) annual list for the first time ever.

While several people who play video games don’t have a disorder, excessive playing can have an adverse effect on one’s mental health, explained Vladimir Poznyak, a member of the WHO’s Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse.

“1) impaired control over gaming (e.g., onset, frequency, intensity, duration, termination, context);

2) increasing priority given to gaming to the extent that gaming takes precedence over other life interests and daily activities;

and 3) continuation or escalation of gaming despite the occurrence of negative consequences.”

On the other hand, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), a US association dedicated to the affairs of the video game market expressed displeasure over the move and said classifying gaming addiction as a mental health issue in the ICD is not the correct move and instead “recklessly trivializes real mental health issues.”


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