RecadMedia is a Digital Marketing Agency with roots in direct marketing, RecadMedia is the first company in Nigeria to promote Advertisers contents or posts simply by sharing its revenue with thier members thereby creating an effective means of maximizing the use of “Social Media” as a digital marketing agency.

Why You Should Join Recadmedia

Recadmedia for publishers offers them an opportunity to make money simply by sharing advertisers post on facebook. As you can see from the dashboard, this was the least i was able to make within a week and i know you too reading this post can make more.

Easy Step On How To Register And Start Earning On Recadmedia

* For easy payment during registration, contact any of their sales agent for your VOUCHER, it’s one easy method of payments.
You can contact CHINASA @ 07067060141 (Whatsapp,text or call) for your voucher pin.
Voucher pin is just N3000.
Note: For each month, you pay same amount which is N3000 for activation of your publisher account so as to keep giving you posts to promote inorder to earn more. The monthly payment is just like a renewal fee.

* Once you get your voucher pin which always looks in this format
(guqs-wf2f-iqlx), click here on
Go to the menu with three lines, click on it and sight register.

* Before you start filling the form, make sure you have paid for voucher pin either online using visa or your master card or from a sales agent but it is advisable to get from a sales agent so as to receive your pin immediately once payment is confirmed.

* Now On the Registration page, you will see a text that says Have a Voucher for Registration, Click here to enter code, click and you will see a space to input the code you got.

* Copy and paste the Voucher code exactly how it was given to you into the coupon code space and click APPLY COUPON before filling the billing details.

* You must see Code applied Successfully before proceeding with registration.

* Fill all the Billing Details including your username and password, email and others.

Note: Never you forget the username and password you entered. Or you can write it down for easy remembrance.

* Withdrawal pin there is for securing your earnings from unauthorized withdrawal. Use a 4 digit number you won’t forget or preferably, use your atm withdrawal pin since you do make use of it on a daily basis.

* After filling all neccessary details, Click ON PLACE ORDER.

* When you see registration successful message, Visit your dashboard.

* Look for CLICK HERE TO UPDATE YOUR BANK DETAILS under profile in your dashboard or you can see it already on a black background on your dashboard.

* Click and enter your bank details just like this:

Bank Name: xxxxxx
Account name: xxxxx
Account number: xxxx
(Replace xxxx with your own details)

Then click Save.

* Look for Today’s Sponsored Post Section via your dashboard, click on Read and Share to Earn click the Facebook button at the top of the advert page (the one that has Share and earn #400), not the Facebook button below the page. When you click on the facebook logo to share post, it directs you to your facebook wall and once you share the post, it automatically brings you back to the advert page.

* Click the menu at the top and select Account Dashboard to return you to your dashboard.

* Look for your Post Sharing Earning in the blue section. You should have your first earning there which is N400.
Keep checking daily so as to get more N400 from posts shared.

* You can also earn whenever you use your referral link to invite anyone. Recadmedia pays you N1000 per person who registers through your link.
Preferred browser is Chrome or Firefox.


Tell me via the comment box if you are encountering problems during registration or want me to help you out… All for free !!!
Whatsapp/text me if you can’t reach me via email @ 08145075442


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