Now, we are going to learn how to solve one of the most frustrating and mind blasting issues that exists at times when we are on pc and that is how to reset a forgotten password on all Windows. Microsoft did a fine job when it comes to the security of your pc as you have several options. You can secure your pc with either alphanumeric password, picture password or Pin password but unfortunately once password is forgotten it is always hard to remember or reset.

Re-installing Windows operating system is another option to remove the password from your pc but it does have a huge disadvantage. It will totally and definitely wipe out your hard disk and your pc will be totally empty like a brand new system which means all your picture(s), videos/movies, musics, software/folders, documents and other valuable data are gone just like that.

So to avoid wiping your pc, we are going to introduce you to an amazing little file that can reset all password without even deleting nor touching a single file from your pc.

iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery tool is a program that can remove any password from Windows (computer and laptop) without even deleting any other data on your pc.

The basic principle of this program is to remove the registry entries that are in control of password protecting your pc. Now the question is how can you do this since you have no access to your pc. The sweetest thing about this application is that it works offline – meaning that you won’t need any Internet connection to reset the password.

Why should you use Windows Password Recovery Pro?

1. Yes, It can reset all Windows passwords which includes Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows server and all other windows versions.
2. It works with both local and admin accounts.
3. It can change the priorities of your user profile accounts like: changing root-domain account to standard account.
4. You can add/remove user profiles from your pc using this tool.
5. 100% guaranteed safe and secure way to reset your pc password without losing any of your data.
6. Works perfectly with all brands of computers and laptops.
7. Eligible and suitable with all types of hard disks.
8. 100% password recovery guaranteed.

Having any issues? You can contact the support team to get immediate help.

Guidelines on how to reset password with iSeePassword tool

This software was developed very sophisticatedly so that every level of users can make use of it. Still we will explain how to use this tool to trespass windows login screen password.

Step 1. You will definitely need another pc to download this tool since your pc is currently locked. Just ask a friend to lend any pc to you and install this tool on the pc.

Step 2. Launch iSeePassword tool on that pc and insert a USB stick to the pc.

Step 3. Now burn the required ISO image file to your USB stick by clicking on “Burn USB” on the main interface of this tool.

What to know: This process will burn the files from the tool to your device to make a password reset bootable disk. Make sure the operation is 100% completed.

Step 4. Use this bootable disk on your locked pc and reboot it. The pc should automatically launch the program/tool on the startup window but if it doesn’t then simply change the boot priority to the password reset disk and it should work fine.

Step 5. On the main interface, select the OS version that you are using like Windows 7 or Windows 10. Then select the username from the middle column and click on “Reset Password”.

Done!!!! Now restart the pc and enjoy because no password will be entered again.


iSeePassword nullifies the password to zero and that’s why the login screen is completely removed from the pc. But it is recommended that you set a new password again for your pc so that no one can access it except you yourself.
Next time try and remember your password or write it down somewhere hidden you’ll always remember😉

Note: PC refers to both Computer(desktop) and Laptop via this context


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