You must be surprised to know that more than 50 percent of people worldwide have used smartphones with broken screens.

There are many people who do not fix the broken screen because of the money💱 involved and the phone can’t be sold at a reasonable amount but the price is normally reduced with a broken screen. In this way you can use your phone through your PC.

Use Of Air-droid

If your phone’s screen is damaged, you can take advantage of the Android applications. This application has to be installed on both PC and Phone and after that it can use it from PC through keyboard and mouse. With this app installed, you will be asked for user ID and password which you can create at the same time.

After entering the ID passwords in both places, the phone connects to the PC and after that there will be an option of menu on the left side of your pc screen. From here you can access all data including your phone’s contacts, messages and so on. In addition, chat can also be done.

In this through the Air-roid Web you can access the songs, videos and photographs available in your phone from the browser of the desktop. The app has an air-conditioner through which your entire phone will come on the pc screen with the menu and you can use it with the mouse and keyboard. However, it is essential that the internet service is active in your phone and PC too.

Through this app you can also recover all your phone’s data. Apart from the air-droid, there are also some applications like VNC and Weissor which are also capable of delivering such services.

Use Of Otg Cable

If your smartphone’s screen is broken but it is being displayed, you can use it through the OTG cable. The phone comes with OTG support USB and you can connect the mouse or keyboard with the phone through the OGG connector in your smartphone. Now where you used to touch the phone first, the mouse had to click on it. Awesome, not so ?

“Remember” that if you have locked your phone with a password, pin or a pattern, then you need to touch and use it. Once the pattern or pin is unlocked, then the mouse will work. Moreso, Bluetooth and mouse-based keyboards can also be used.

You can watch the video below to learn more because it is said that things seen with the eye lasts longer than things being read


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