Earlier this year, Apple eliminated some messaging and VPN apps — which allow users to mask their IP address and get entry to web sites censored by way of the authoritative chinese government — from the AppStorebon the request of chinese officials.

The app ExpressVPN or instance, obtained a notification from Apple in July declaring that “your application can be removed from the China App store as it carries content material that is illegal in China….”

Now, Tim Cook says he hopes “a few” of those apps will reappear for Apple customers in China. It’s unclear which apps the chinese authorities would possibly permit, but it seems not likely it would permit Apple promote an app that lets in the public to breach “The high-quality chinese Firewall” — a famous term for the digital barrier that blocks internet content material the chinese views as threatening to its regime.

“My hope over the years is that some of the matters, the couple of factors that’s been pulled, come lower back,” Cook stated on the Fortune discussion board in Guangzhou, China, as stated through Reuters. “I have splendid desire on that and excellent optimism on that.”

Apple really has an interest in appeasing the Chinese government. After the U.S. and Europe, China is Apple’s third biggest marketplace, earning $9.8 in revenue throughout the fourth zone of 2017. The tech giant actually doesn’t need a pick few apps to compromise its courting with China.

Tim Cook’s feedback came after U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy (D – Vermont) criticized Apple for bowing to Chinese demands to remove those apps. In a declaration made to CNBC, Leahy made clean that Apple — despite the fact that they are a private company — shouldn’t assist the Chinese government in its activity to censor content material:

“Apple is absolutely a pressure for top in China, however I additionally accept as true with it and other tech businesses have to maintain to beat back on Chinese suppression of free expression,” Leahy stated.

Tim Cook’s “desire” to bring those apps back, however, can also by no means be realized. Like most groups, Apple’s primary interest is revenue.



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