Most of us are really disappointed when our playstore gives us error 492 whenever we try opening or downloading from it. I too was a victim to that but i did somethings and it worked for me. I’ll also like to share it with you so as to get your playstore fixed instantly…
So why our we getting Error 492 in Google Play Store?
There are some listed reasons which might be causing the error.

Application Installation Error.
Cache Issues.
Play Store Account Problem.
SD Card Issues.

Below are some ways of getting it fixed

Reinstall the Application:

The first thing to do while you face the error when you are downloading the application is to stop the current downloading process and then close the Google Play store. Now open the google play store again and try installing the app.If you get the error while updating any app, then click OK and close the error message and also Google play store. Now uninstall the app which you were trying to update and reinstall it again from Google Play.

Clear Cache of Google Play Store:

Sometimes error might occur due to some old data cache issues. So in order to fix this go clear the cache of play store app. If you are getting issue while upgrading a specific app clearing the cache of the app will also help.In order to clear the cache of an app. follow the below steps:
Go to Settings > System settings > Manage Application > All > Google play store. To clear the cached data, tap on the button Clear cache. Now launch the play store app again and try installing or upgrading the app.

Switch Google Play Store Account:

Try switching to another google account in play store or signing out amd signing in again. If you don’t have another account you can simply create a new one and try this step.

Switch off and Reboot:

Simply switching off your android and rebooting will be enough to fix all the issues. So always try this before you go for any abrupt fixes.

Formating SD card/replace

I hope you were able to fix Google Play error code 492 with those methods above ?
If not , drop your comments lemme help you


  1. i did some research a while ago cause im getting the same error 492 while doing updates, some of my apps i follow this steps Solution No.2 since i do have SD card.

    i hope it help you out guys if not.

    Additional steps to be done is to uninstall the updates on google play then update again..some of this basic troubleshooting will sort out the problem of course before you did this you need to have a strong connection.


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