The best robot vacuums can take care of basic house chores which includes cleaning and tiding the home with minimal human intervention.

Reliable bots had been tracked down by the robot vacuum team for every home and budget, from simple robots that dust hardwood to mightier models capable of pulling pet hair out of thick rugs.

Also, several tests were conducted by the robot vacuum team to know which category each robot vacuum fell into as regards to which will sweep, pick up dirt while navigating round your home.

Several vacuums has being created and performing their tasks already. Some has more power and capability when compared to another.

For general/multiputpose cleaning, the Roomba 690 offers an impressive power for hundreds less than the competition.

The vacuum team made it clear that it can clean our floors without getting completely stuck.

The Roomba Vacuum can be obtained for as low as $375 on amazon and any other market. It even holds its own against higher-tech and higher-powered models like the Samsung Powerbot

According to current ranking and rating, it is said that no vacuum has ever outstand the Roomba 960.

For maximum cleaning power and intelligent, multi-room navigation, nothing beat the Roomba 960 in our testing. A relentless cleaner, the 960 leaves the same tracks as a manual vacuum cleaner, and even skirts around furniture and other obstacles in a human-like fashion.

At just under $700, this top-of-the-line bot outperforms other super-deluxe models asking $1,000.

For the average home, looking for help in picking up everyday messes but willing to still run a manual vacuum once in awhile, iRobot Roomba 690 is highly recommended. You get a fully equipped Roomba — with iRobot HOME app control, Amazon Alexa compatibility, intelligent navigation, and accelerated cleaning power — for a little less than $400.

It easily outperformed other, more expensive options thanks to its cleaning power and learning abilities — gathering more debris than most high-end robovacs and managing to wiggle its way out of trouble whenever it got stuck.

The robots are taking over… household chores.
So you’ve already relinquished vacuuming to a robotic helpmate and are eager to hand over more jobs? While not quite the humanoid robots we once imagined would populate the 2000s, bots can tackle a growing number of tasks: mopping, pool cleaning, window washing, lawn mowing… even grill cleaning.

The Best/Trusted Robot Vacuums
iRobot Roomba 690
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